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Discover the natural way to transform your life from busy to thriving

Striving for excellence can take its toll - on your brain and body. I understand, I’ve been there. Burnout is not a happy place.
Despite being super intelligent human beings, we’ve lost touch with how to thrive naturally. We live our lives laden with stress, reach burnout point and suffer from a host of chronic diseases, believing that this is the price of success.

Bumblebee Wellbeing Leadership Health Coaching

I help teams and individuals to understand the impact that sleep, movement, our environment, and how we fuel ourselves and have on wellbeing and brain health, not just mental health.
Just like the humble bee, our human ancestors knew instinctively what to do to survive and live a balanced life. As a leadership health coach, I apply these lessons to modern living, helping you achieve work that feels like you’re in a state of flow, enjoy professional success that feels effortless and authentic, and improve your relationships and deepen the human connection with people around you.
Through changes to how you fuel yourself, lifestyle and behaviours all tailored to your personal or team situation, you can think, look and feel refreshed and renewed.

Information is part of the solution, but any change is challenging. ​

Information and perseverence gets you only so far, particularly when you’re busy, you don’t have the time, you’re too tired, or you can just about endure your status quo.


I’m committed to your professional success, health and wellbeing.

Make the choice,
make the change

I work with a range of successful professionals that strive for excellence in how they live life, from busy directors, to self-employed entrepreneurs and teams looking for a different perspective, using a unique approach that blends Functional Health with masterful leadership coaching.

You can achieve professional success and find happiness without neglecting your brain health or heading for burnout. It’s easier than you might think.
What will it take for you to achieve the life you aspire to?

Eric’s story

I struggled to find a balance between success in my 20+ years as a leading lawyer and looking after my physical and mental health.
I was working long hours and a good night’s sleep became a rare occurrence. I would wake up feeling groggy and moody, relying on caffeine and sweet vending machine snacks to keep me going throughout the working day. I felt overwhelmed, like I needed to escape, but didn’t know how or where to turn for help. ​

I had the classic symptoms of burnout.

This all changed in 2013, when I signed up for a major swim-run competition and began to explore ways to fuel my body and mind for the long, demanding race. I discovered my food choices were a major contributor to my lack of energy and drive.
By changing what I put into my body and adapting my lifestyle and behaviours (without any drugs or medication), I achieved life-changing results.

This is how I felt - and you could too.

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