Professionals that thrive.

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Be Happy.
Be Healthy.
Be Successful.
Be Yourself.

Are you a successful professional at work, but the way you feel inside is not reflecting this? Do you feel close to a major breakthrough but just can't seem to grasp that extra "something" that would take you there?
I'll help you go from busy to thriving, so you can finally achieve your wellbeing and professional goals.

= Healthy Brain - Burnout

I help career professionals achieve success in life and work through a unique blend of Functional Health and leadership coaching.

Instead of advising you to get more sleep and exercise, eat better and reduce stress, I focus on the how, giving you the tools and knowledge you need to make sustainable change happen.

Stop putting your dreams and passions on hold until you "have the time".

My methods will help you experience:
Success doesn’t have to come at the cost of health and wellbeing. By understanding the impact your lifestyle on wellbeing and brain health, you too can learn to thrive naturally and feel at your best more often.

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I typically work with one-to-one clients and teams facing personal health and wellbeing challenges under one or more of the following themes: