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What small step can you take today to prioritise "you", and go from busy to thriving?

You’re successful. Things are going well. You feel okay.

But you’re not thriving.

Perhaps you’ve sensed for a while that there are some things in your life are not quite as you would like them to be.

  • “I can’t switch off from work when I want to fall asleep.”
  • “My brain feels foggy, and I’m worried about my mental health.”
  • “Work is taking up too much of my life. I like what I do, but I’d like a better balance.”
  • “I indulge in food I know is crap when I’m stressed and tired.”
  • “I’m always tired on a work trip – the jet lag is really bad!”
  • “I don’t want to postpone my joys and passions until retirement. I want to enjoy them now.”
  • “My day is in control of me, rather than the other way around.”
  • “I check my emails first thing when I get up and last thing before bed.”
  • “Before I used to be fit and feel good, but I’m not now! I’m too tired.”
  • “I eat out a lot with clients. Delicious food and drink, but is it healthy?”

These are what I call the “buts” of a busy professional. Yes, we are successful, but…

Where do I start before it’s too late and I burn out?

If you start an important project at work, it’s important to have an action plan. It’s one of the earliest things I learned as a junior lawyer starting out at one of the world’s pre-eminent law firms.


It sets a foundation, a solid base. Once you have that, you can then throw in all the curveballs that will inevitably arise and you’ll need to deal with.

It’s no different if the project is YOU.

I help professionals who are successful, just like you, remove their “buts”, avoid burnout and thrive.

When you re-focus on yourself to create the strong, lasting foundations for your health and wellbeing wisely, you too can be your best at work (and at home), avoid burning out, and thrive.

It is not a traditional approach. But it’s one that works.

It’s the one that I applied to myself, and many others have adopted too. 

You can read more about how this unconventional approach – rooted in Functional Medicine and ancestral health – that I took,  and you can take – can help transform you from busy to thriving the way nature intended, living life with health, vitality, and without chronic disease.

Because when our foundations for health and wellbeing – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual – are strong, and we are in balance, we can fulfil our goals and dreams for the future.

Just as in your work, when you take a template and tailor it to what your client’s specific needs are, it’s key to start with the template for good health and wellbeing and then tailor it to suit you, your specifics, the limited time you have, and what you want.

So, what does your action plan look like today?

What is the first, small step you will take?

Where next?

I’m here to show you how to go from a stressed, busy, successful professional to one who avoids burnout and thrives. Find out how below.

First, delve into the resources on this website!

Explore my resources, which are designed for busy professionals. They’ll help you understand how to cultivate a healthy foundation and nourish your mind, your body and your soul.

Find out how, for example, how you getting back to (our ancestral) basics can lead to health, vitality, and avoiding burning out. 

Or perhaps you fly for work and want to know how to arrive at your destination and perform at your best?

Take a look, try things out, and let me know what you think!

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Third, fast-track your change with me as your Functional Health and Life coach!

Change is hard. Particularly when you’re busy.

I’m here to help you remove your “buts”.

Find out how I can help you create your own journey to go from busy to thriving.

Be wise, be healthy, and be well!