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If you're stressed, feeling burnt out and struggling with how to fix it because you don't have time, I'm here to help you go from busy to thriving in the way nature intended.

Does your success come at a cost?

Despite being intelligent beings, we humans have lost touch with how we naturally thrive. Like bees, our human ancestors evolved to know instinctively what to do every second of every day.

So you’re successful at work. But, your success isn’t matched by how you feel each day. Instead of feeling ‘great’ or even just ‘good’, you’re overwhelmed, feel burnt out, you’re tired and short-tempered, you can’t think clearly, you’re lacking energy and vitality, you succumb to colds and coughs too often, and you’re postponing your dreams and passions for when you ‘have time’. You’re not alone!

I struggled to be successful at work and in life, and feel my best, until I aligned myself with how evolutionary history has designed us to live – with health and vitality, and without chronic disease.

You too can be a successful professional and thrive naturally, whilst keeping your brain healthy and happy.  I’m here to help you be your best at work (and at home), avoid burnout, and fulfil your passions and dreamsLife can become a breeze, rather than a battle.

What difference in approach do I bring? Having spent over 20 years as a leading lawyer, I understand what it’s like to work hard to create your own success. As a health coach, I also know how to support you in creating the key foundations – rooted in Functional Medicine and ancestral health – not just to be busy and successful, but for you to thrive as well. 

There’s a cost of being successful, but not feeling at your best as well: I felt that once too. Find out more.

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