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My team will focus on your team, so you can surpass your existing best.

High performing teams are more than simply about delivering goals and technical excellence.

Whether you’re a stellar team in a large organisation, or a driven entrepreneurial one, each of our programmes is carefully calibrated to your teams to create key foundations – rooted in Functional Medicine, Ancestral Health, and positive psychology – for wellbeing, happiness, performance and productivity.

For more information on any of our programmes, email us or schedule a time to talk about next steps below, and discover how we can help you make an impact with your team so they can surpass their existing best.

Speak to us to find out how our Deal Team Support can cultivate success that’s authentic and not just routine
Deal Team Support
Our mission is to create resilience within deal teams through tailored health and wellbeing coaching that allows team members to thrive and surpass their existing best.”

What we do?

We identify sustainable lifestyle changes for your team members to develop lasting, long-term health and wellbeing.

We provide ongoing coaching support to team members to make new health and wellbeing habits stick.

We tailor support to the individual and the team as a whole over a minimum of three months, or as long as a deal lasts, if longer.

Group and individual coaching
Tailored for your team
Complements your existing wellbeing policies and benefits
Proactive accountability

Our team who will support your team

Lauren Kim Angélil is a registered physiotherapist, and certified functional health coach. Through her work in the healthcare system, she has developed a passion for changing behaviour to prevent illness, burnout and anxiety.

Lauren is on a mission to change health related behaviour to create a population of thriving individuals.

You can find more information about her at


Eric Ho knows the challenges of being a professional who is successful and yet feels stressed, overwhelmed and burned out.

He’s been a lawyer for over 20 years and has a passion for bringing happiness, health, wellbeing and healthy brains to colleagues who feel they’re in the same state, and intuitively sense there’s a better way.

We believe happiness is liquid; an emotional currency that, when spent, creates an upward spiral of wellbeing, happiness and productivity
You’ve heard your team say this:
I get caught up in the spin of things and I end up in my usual downward spiral towards burnout
I’m struggling to keep up with the workload
I get ‘stuck’ when life gets busy, and can’t prioritise myself
The client I’m working for is really demanding
I feel overwhelmed with what my boss is asking me to do
I have bad sugar cravings, eat excessively and then end up crashing
I don’t have time to exercise or prepare healthy meals
I don’t want to be dependent on a pill for happiness
Now, imagine if they were to say this:
I’ve found ways to carve out time from my day to spend on myself
I’ve myself given permission to care for myself and, in so doing, bringing more joy to my life
I’m managing to bounce back easily
I feel unstoppable
I’ve been sleeping really well lately