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Your Re-Fuel handout

Ready to build a healthy gut for a healthy brain and body?

Step 1: Download!

Step 2: Over over to you!

As a lawyer and health and wellbeing coach, I know behaviour change is hard. That’s why I’ve designed the handout to help you start!

Use the handout to write down one almost-impossibly-small next step you’ll take!

Step 3: Try a 30-day reset



Step 4: What will it take for you to achieve the vision of your best self?


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Work with me

If you’re looking to experience the change that you want in your life, but you can’t find the time or means, speak to me to see how we could work together.

If you lead a stellar team, but see the cost of that success on your team’s wellbeing, find out how Deal Team Support, could help you close the gap between the current productivity and wellbeing of your team, and where you want it to be.


Work with me in a group

I’ve launched in collaboration with my colleague, Laura Gilchrist, The Growth Circle.

  • Are you a leader who wants to be better equipped to stay balanced amidst the uncertainty?
  • Do you know that you’ve been pushing a little too hard to keep everything afloat and need some space to step back and take stock?
  • Are you bone tired with being positive for your team or organisation?

If so, then our Staying Grounded programme may just be for you!

It will equip you to keep calm in these times of chaos so that you can be the best leader possible. And it starts on 21 October!

Early bird pricing has ended, but if you email me, I’ll extend our early bird pricing to you!

We are creating a safe and supportive community that will equip you to take this crisis and turn it into opportunity for growth, change and new hope.



Experiment and coach yourself

Finally, you might be interested in this article. It shows you five ways that you can coach yourself to change.

Be wise, be healthy, and be well!