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Zoom Support

Helpful tips for using Zoom

1. Connecting on a computer or mobile device For the best viewing experience, we recommend connecting on a desktop or laptop computer. If you need to connect on a mobile device you could also use a tablet or mobile phone.

2. Download the Zoom App We recommend downloading the Zoom app before your session begins. You will need to do this if you have never used Zoom on the device you are going to use. If you have never used Zoom and try to join the session, you will be prompted to download the app which could cause a slight delay in getting connected.

  • Click here to go to the Zoom Download Centre
  • Choose “Zoom Client for Meetings” if you are downloading for a desktop or laptop
  • Choose “Zoom Mobile Apps” if you are downloading for a mobile device

3. Internet Connection Make sure you are in a place with a strong internet connection during our sessions.

4. Joining the sessionYou can join our sessions by clicking on the meeting link, by going to and entering the meeting ID, or by opening the Zoom App on your mobile device and entering the meeting ID.

5. AudioFor best audio quality we recommend using a headset. This will not only enable you to hear the presentation clearly but it will also allow us and the other attendees to hear you clearly when you speak.

6. VideoWe recommend joining with your device video so we can see you! To ensure your face is well lit, make sure your main source of light is in front of you, not behind you. While watching we recommend watching in “Speaker View” when there are several participants in the meeting and only using “Gallery View” when there are fewer than 10-15 participants in the meeting. Here are some helpful links about using your video.

Here are some helpful links to support you with using Zoom