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Your Recharge webinar resources

Are you ready to build your foundations to move for a healthy brain and body?

Step 1: Download your Recharge handout

I know behaviour change is hard. That’s why I’ve designed this handout to help you start!

Use the handout to write down one almost-impossibly-small next step you’ll take!


Step 2: What will it take for you to achieve the vision of your best self?

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Creating your success, but without the burnout

In today’s webinar, I touched on some of the foundations for creating optimal health by moving more. 

This article will help you understand how these foundations can help you thrive without the burnout.

And how these same foundations that helped me thrive without the burnout, also helped me reverse my autoimmune condition, psoriasis, and no longer be a hayfever sufferer.

You can read more about the lifestyle gap that we need to close to achieve optimal health.

If you’re a leader and are seeking resilience and health in challenging times…

I’ve launched in collaboration with my colleague, Laura Gilchrist, The Growth Circle.

  • Are you a leader who wants to be better equipped to stay balanced amidst the uncertainty?
  • Do you know that you’ve been pushing a little too hard to keep everything afloat and need some space to step back and take stock?
  • Are you bone tired with being positive for your team or organisation?

If so, then our Staying Grounded programme may just be for you!

It will equip you to keep calm in these times of chaos so that you can be the best leader possible. 

We are creating a safe and supportive community that will equip you to take this crisis and turn it into opportunity for growth, change and new hope.

Our next 9-week programme begins on 19 January 2021. If you want to be informed when our enrolment opens, email me.

Experiment and coach yourself

Finally, you might be interested in this article. It shows you five ways that you can coach yourself to change.


Step 3: Resources for bringing movement, activity and play into your day

In this webinar, I mentioned websites, apps and gadgets that can help you with the foundations for moving frequently.

I don’t receive any financial incentives to share these resources with you. I use them myself and find them helpful for me. They may not work for you, but I encourage you to be inspired and experiment in creating your foundations for success!

Reminder apps to move/stand


High Intensity Training

Resources I mentioned live in the webinar

Be wise, be healthy, and be well!